BFAR, fisherfolk reorganize FARMC in Tadian

By: Rodelyn Q. Foronda

Fostering a strong and empowered fisherfolk in the resilient communities of Tadian, Mt. Province, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR-CAR) conducted Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (FARMC) reorganizing and strengthening through its FARMC Coordinator, Naela D. Shahid.

The activity provided a venue to impose a responsible management of fishery and aquatic resources in the highlands by making policy and regulation in protecting and conserving the resources.

With this, Shahid discussed FAO 196 which defines the creation and existence of FARMCs in the municipality. She also discussed BFAR's interventions in the preparation of fishery policies for the protection of aquatic resources in the area.

Though not coastal, fisherfolk in Tadian, Mt. Province are very keen in utilizing their available and existing resources such that they produce rice and fish alternately in the same land.

An open forum was also conducted to give the participants an opportunity to ask and raise their concerns. One of the issues raised was about the organic aquaculture with the integration of yuyu or the oriental weather loach, which is endemic in the rice paddies.The fisherfolk likewise intimated their interest expanding their farming practices and strategies in growing rice while at the same time growing fish for consumption.

Another issue raised was formulation of organic feeds as they are interested on jumpstarting organic farming system as well as marketing of their produce.

During the action planning, each group presented their plans on fishery involvement. Most of their concerns were fingerling dispersal requests, training activities in organic aquaculture, site validation of the proposed site for aquaculture, fishing gears, and paraphernalia.

In Tadian, its infamous Gawaan Lake situated in Bana-ao, now serves as a fishing ground where fish raisers already installed cages where they grow tilapia. This was initiatied by BFAR-CAR in its efforts to strengthen FARMC activities.

A total of 31 fisherfolk convened to bring up their action plans.